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students as consumers, when teachers create materials for students or assign them to listen to one of the many available ESL podcast sites, or students as producers or publishers, and teachers have students create material for others to listen to, or students practice listening and accomplish various exercises.
When I listened, I did not need to understand all the words and phrases; I listen for the messages only.
Profound listening has the power to help us make peace within ourselves, and as we learn to listen to one another, compassion deepens and we make peace with the world.
In preparation for class, students were required to listen to the song and complete a fill-in-the-blanks lyrics sheet for the first third of the song.
This was very beneficial in teaching me to listen to myself as I play.
The truth is, when you listen to a book together, you share it in a particularly intimate way.
Jones, I really want to listen to your concern, but I can't do so if you continue to use foul language.
That attitude--the company's unwillingness to listen to its critics or work together in search of solutions--was counterproductive.
Develop listening triggers--objects, words, or environments that remind you to listen.
If you're a fan of Avril Lavigne, give a listen to.
You won't know what to say if you don't listen first.
Listen Hard, like her last six indie recordings, is far more creatively plush than anything she offered during her Atlantic-era bid for mainstream success.
Yoga is a way for us to listen to ourselves deeply and then from that listening be able to respond in a way that is fulfilling for our lives .
Mark Twain is quoted as saying, "We have two ears and one mouth because it's twice as hard to listen as to speak.
They need to listen to feedback about how others in the organization perceive the same situation.