list as

list someone as something

to categorize someone as something, usually in a written list. I will list you as a contributor to the Preservation Fund, if you don't mind. Although she was not registered as such, she listed herself as a stockbroker.
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References in classic literature ?
The name is entered on the list as a woman,' replied the secretary.
Broomfield said he believes shopping malls and amusement parks could be potential targets, but he also questioned placing the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on the same list as Universal Studios, which police say they once found in an al-Qaida videotape.
Under the new rules, if the minimum-fee threshold is exceeded, a material advisor's obligation to prepare and maintain a list as to a particular reportable transaction should coincide in almost every case with the taxpayer's obligation to disclose it.
39) Post-transaction advice may trigger the listing requirement, because the temporary regulations require a material advisor to list a person if he orshe knows (or has reason to know) that the person or any related party participated in or will participate in a reportable transaction.
Tread carefully if you are considering buying a list as opposed to renting it.
EPA will continue to add compounds to this list as the information needed to propose regulatory levels is obtained.
BioMar Holding A/S was removed from the observation list as Schouw & Co.
In February, Potagua Kapital A/S was transferred to the observation list as the company was about to hold an extraordinary general meeting with the purpose of passing a resolution to dissolve the company and deregister from the Danish Commerce & Companies Agency.
Red List as being in "very poor condition, needs to be
listed on the NHDOT Red List as "needing to be replaced,
We've noticed a dramatic increase in the number of companies using Hit List as a key component of their online strategies," said Steve Podradchik, Marketwave's CEO.