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liquid courage

slang The decrease in timidity or inhibition that comes from imbibing alcoholic beverages. I'm planning on proposing to Mary tonight, but I think I need a little liquid courage first!
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liquid lunch

A lunchtime outing that consists of drinking alcoholic beverages instead of eating. Bob reprimanded his employees for having a liquid lunch and returning to work intoxicated.
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liquid refreshment

A beverage, especially one containing alcohol. We all decided to go for some liquid refreshments after the game.
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liquid lunch

a drinking session at lunchtime taking the place of a meal. informal humorous
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liquid cork

n. a medicine that stops diarrhea. This liquid cork isn’t so bad if you get it good and cold before you take it.
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liquid laugh

n. vomit. If you drink much more, you’re gonna come out with a liquid laugh.
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liquid lunch

n. a lunch consisting of alcoholic drinks. Sounds like the boss had another liquid lunch again today.
See also: liquid, lunch
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In the end, the report makes a proposal for a new project of Liquid Granite Industry before evaluating its feasibility.
The last chapter analyses liquid carbon dioxide downstream markets.
The Transportation Security Administration should continue banning all liquids and gels, The New York Times editorial board writes.
Similarly, a security that is a downgrade candidate will usually be less liquid than one of the same rating that is on the verge of an upgrade.
The dispersion effect comes from the size reduction of large droplets into smaller droplets at the dry liquid mixing stage.
When they subsequently dribbled drops of soap solution onto the dimple where the three bubbles met, antibubbles of nearly identical sizes emerged into the underlying liquid beneath the raft.
The fact that the velocity ratio--the ratio of velocity at the centerline to the bulk velocity--increases with increasing viscosity demonstrates that the fiber-liquid suspension behaves more like a viscous liquid as viscosity increases.
This is the only known system, liquid or electric, to eliminate setpoint overshoot.
The objective of this exception presumably is to prevent corporations from transforming their liquid assets into trade or business assets simply by contributing them to an investment company.
The solidified shell contracts at the rate dictated by the coefficient of thermal contraction for the solid, and the volume occupied by the liquid changes as a function of liquid contraction and solidification volume change, which additively are much greater.
The new system also provides reliable and safe countermeasures with high control of liquid permeation, degradation, and corrosion, which are Hitachi's core competence.
Almost every other liquid contracts as it approaches its freezing point, but water expands as it freezes.
Segmented barrels are electrically heated and internally cooled by air or liquid.
These are introducing higher molecular weight polymers, polymer end modification to attach carbon black, reinforcement systems, lower glass transition polymers, liquid polymers to replace oil and a stable crosslink system.