lion's share of

lion's share of something

Fig. the largest portion of something. I earn a lot, but the lion's share goes for taxes. The lion's share of the surplus cheese goes to school cafeterias.
See also: of, share
References in classic literature ?
He wanted to give him the lion's share of the beefsteak, but Philip insisted that they should share alike.
This man was much impressed with Ajax with the result that he agreed to train him for a lion's share of the profits of exhibiting him, and in the meantime to provide for the keep of both the ape and his owner.
Maria could stand it no longer, and hurried away to the stove, where she filled a quart-bowl with soup, putting into it the lion's share of chopped meat and vegetables which her ladle scraped from the bottom of the pot.
Late as the afternoon was, trade was brisk, and Bashti, who had taken the lion's share of the wages due to the fathers of two boys who had died, bought liberally of the Arangi's stock.
Not one,' repeated Gashford again--taking the lion's share of the mulled wine between whiles.
A canting, lie-loving, fact-hating, scribbling, chattering, wealth-hunting, pleasure-hunting, celebrity-hunting mob, that, having lost the fear of hell, and not replaced it by the love of justice, cares for nothing but the lion's share of the wealth wrung by threat of starvation from the hands of the classes that create it.
The bodily exercises, in that case, will be uppermost in the youth's thoughts, will have the strongest hold on his interest, will take the lion's share of his time, and will, by those means--barring the few purely exceptional instances--slowly and surely end in leaving him, to all good moral and mental purpose, certainly an uncultivated, and, possibly, a dangerous man.
Summary: Britain will contribute the lion's share of a Au6.
Chinese banks have contributed a lion's share of the total profits generated by banks around the world.
The transportation sector takes a lion's share of leading projects in the country, with the metro rail, expressway and Doha Bay initiatives.
Ah, technology: It gets the lion's share of credit for most of the productivity increases we've seen in the past few decades, and often rightfully so.
The biggest beneficiary from the pay outs is Mr Parton, who takes the lion's share of pounds 3.
8 Share awards and accolades with assistants-always give them a lion's share of the credit.
Marc, the brother in deepest trouble, is thus afforded the lion's share of the dramatic action.
taxpayers, since we provide the lion's share of funding for the UN and its various agencies.