line (one's) (own) pocket(s)

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line (one's) (own) pocket(s)

To make a large amount of money for oneself in a way that is considered greedy or dishonest. The phrase typically implies that one is prioritizing making money above some other, more admirable goal. He doesn't care about creating some digital utopia—he's just trying to line his own pockets. This new contract is going to line our pockets for years.
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line one's own pocket(s)

Fig. to make money for oneself in a greedy or dishonest fashion. They are interested in lining their pockets first and serving the people second. You can't blame them for wanting to line their own pockets.
See also: line, own, pocket

line one's pockets

Accept a bribe or other illicit payment, as in The mayor and his cronies found dozens of ways to line their pockets. This expression dates from the mid-1500s, when it was also put as line one's purse.
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line your pockets

COMMON If someone lines their pockets, they make a lot of money in a dishonest or unfair way. He has been lining his pockets for 27 years while his country has been in poverty. Morris lined his own pockets with most of the cash, buying a Mercedes Benz, jewelry and paying off credit card debts as well. Note: You can also say that someone lines another person's pockets. This is a government that ignores the needs of the majority in order to line the pockets of the favoured few.
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line your pocket (or pockets)

make money, usually by dishonest means.
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line your (own)/somebody’s ˈpocket(s)

(informal) make a lot of money dishonestly, especially by stealing it from your employer: He’d been lining his pockets for years before it was discovered.
See also: line, pocket

line one’s own pocket

See also: line, own, pocket

line one’s own pocket(s)

tv. to make money for oneself in a greedy or dishonest fashion. They are interested in lining their pockets first and serving the people second.
See also: line, own, pocket

line (one's) pockets

To make a profit, especially by illegitimate means.
See also: line, pocket
References in periodicals archive ?
According to the President, contests are being completed and young independent leaders are coming to the state enterprises where oligarchs have been lining their pockets, for example Ukrzaliznytsia, Ukrposhta and power engineering plants.
These energy barons are ripping us off, lining their pockets.
Energy prices are on the rise The 'lecky' is burning the sockets Shareholders all with stars in their eyes While sterling is lining their pockets Winter is coming it'll only get worse To heat or eat are the topics While you and me will empty the purse They will be off to the tropics They tell us they care, tell us they share The loss we're all going through While they're getting tanned on our final demand Well I've had enough, have you?
It is a slap in the face for honest people that these greedy people go on lining their pockets and get away with it.
To cheering from the Labour benches, Mr Skinner said: "There's more than 100 Tory MPs lining their pockets on the side, including people on the front bench, and it should be one Member of Parliament, one job, no conflict of interest.
It is about time people used their clout as consumers to put a stop to those lining their pockets with our hard earned money.
POLICE are urging homeowners in a Staffordshire village to be on their guard from thieves lining their pockets by stripping lead off roofs.
It is time the troops got what they want after decades of neglect, Corruption for the Liberals is lining their pockets, greasing their chums in Montreal trattorias and drinking and eating until they gag.
What could be more damaging than corporations creating the impression that they were lining their pockets with millions of dollars of cash from life insurance policies on employees, while the deceased employee's family got nothing?
He says he hasn't broken Parliamentary rules but you think MPs are lining their pockets at the expense of taxpayers.
Granada's fat cat directors show no restraint when lining their pockets, but they are not prepared to grant their staff decent pay levels or job security.
Calamities, natural and otherwise, wrack the country while an ineffectual High Council and Regent concern themselves only with lining their pockets and winning petty power struggles.
For the sake of lining their pockets with high fees and commissions, Dean Witter took a category of investment suitable only for the most experienced professional traders, and sold it as a hedge to people who didn't know any better," Allen said.
Instead, we've been lining their pockets for 15 months.