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linger around

to wait around; to be idle some place. Don't linger around. Get going! All the students were lingering around, waiting until the last minute to go into the building.
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linger on

to remain for a long time; to exist longer than would have been thought. This cold of mine just keeps lingering on. Some of the guests lingered on for a long time after the party was over.
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linger on (after someone or something)

 and stay on (after someone or something)
to outlast someone or something; to live longer than someone else or long after an event. Aunt Sarah lingered on only a few months after Uncle Herman died. She lingered on and was depressed for a while.
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linger on something

to delay moving on to the next thing; to remain at something and not move on. Don't linger on that one problem so long. I don't want to waste a lot of time lingering on this question.
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linger over something

1. to take too much time or idle over something, such as a meal, a cup of coffee, etc. I could linger over coffee all morning, given the chance. Don't linger over your soup. It will get cold.
2. to dawdle over the doing of something. You shouldn't linger over eating your dinner. It would he best not to linger over making up your mind.
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Nine treatments later, tattooed spots still linger.
Moore's clinging to his childhood love of his grandparents' grounds is hardly sentimental, for his authentic imagery admits life's limits: The trees are "leafless," the path is "narrow," and "the fog lingers on.
Brokeback Mountain'' stays in your thoughts and tugs at your heart and lingers in your mind for long after the final credits role, just like a loved one does when they die.
Picking Clean the Bones reads swiftly yet lingers long in the mind.
Today, 70 years after the death of the last specimen, people's fascination with the Tasmanian tiger lingers.
Sunlight wakes us before the alarm goes off and lingers over our backyard barbecues and badminton games till well past 9 or 10 at night.
We have this from the crooner's widow, Kathryn Crosby, who elegantly takes on narrative duties in ``The Melody Lingers On,'' the revue of some three dozen Berlin songs at the El Portal Theatre.
We never did know whether we had new "Japanese' (presumably Japanese American) neighbors in our solidly middle-class block, but the memory of this bizarre incident lingers.
Ironically residential segregation based on color or ethnic origin does much more than linger in U.
She's no longer here physically but her song lingers on, more than lingers on, in our minds and in our ears.
However, pain - both physical and psychological - lingers.