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linger around

to wait around; to be idle some place. Don't linger around. Get going! All the students were lingering around, waiting until the last minute to go into the building.
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linger on

to remain for a long time; to exist longer than would have been thought. This cold of mine just keeps lingering on. Some of the guests lingered on for a long time after the party was over.
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linger on (after someone or something)

 and stay on (after someone or something)
to outlast someone or something; to live longer than someone else or long after an event. Aunt Sarah lingered on only a few months after Uncle Herman died. She lingered on and was depressed for a while.
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linger on something

to delay moving on to the next thing; to remain at something and not move on. Don't linger on that one problem so long. I don't want to waste a lot of time lingering on this question.
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linger over something

1. to take too much time or idle over something, such as a meal, a cup of coffee, etc. I could linger over coffee all morning, given the chance. Don't linger over your soup. It will get cold.
2. to dawdle over the doing of something. You shouldn't linger over eating your dinner. It would he best not to linger over making up your mind.
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At the outset of trading, selling gained the upper hand as investors worked to secure quick gains after the Nikkei rose nearly 400 points the previous day and worries about sluggish Japanese corporate earnings reports lingered, brokers said.
A cult of health and beauty swept across Germany around the turn of the twentieth century and lingered on well into the Weimar period.
NEW YORK - Oil prices fell more than $1 a barrel Friday as traders took profits from recent record highs, but concerns lingered that Hurricane Katrina might disrupt supplies of refined fuels from the Gulf Coast.
Even when the lights went down between numbers, hollers and hoots lingered.
We thought she had vanished with all the other heroes and heroines of the Golden Age, but it appeared that she had lingered on, living the sad, lonely life of a forgotten icon.
Our two policemen came--the old one with the missing eye and the young one who lingered all day in the bakery, confusing the twin girls behind the counter but loving them both--and scared away the vultures from Hector's body.
Santucci and three colleagues, related a 1997 incident involving a single ICD patient who said his defibrillator was triggered inappropriately after he had lingered for an extended period of time next to anti-theft equipment manufactured by Sensormatic Electronics Corporation.
He doesn't believe it, but clearly the part about paradise has lingered all these years.
The thing is, the old screwball comedies never contained any shots where the camera lingered over a mound of dog poop.
The questions lingered over O'Neal for 48 hours, reporters dogged him before Tuesday night's game, and there were even suggestions that perhaps the MVP should find a comfortable seat next to Jack Nicholson for a couple of days.
The questions lingered over O'Neal for 48 hours, reporters dogged him before Tuesday night's game, and there were suggestions that, perhaps, the MVP should find a comfortable seat next to Jack Nicholson for a couple days.
A slight stench lingered in the spill area Thursday morning, but there were no visible sign of the mishap except the yellow tape marking off the closed areas of the park.
Chick suggested that emotions were raised by distrust that has lingered from past geographic disputes.
Many things lingered in Dorian Stitt after a frustrating football season for Royal High School.