line pockets

line your (own) pockets

to make a lot of money for yourself Allowing patients to sue will increase the cost of health insurance and line lawyers' pockets. He was using his position as an immigration official to line his pockets.
Usage notes: usually said about a person who either makes money illegally or takes more than is fair or right
Related vocabulary: feather your (own) nest
See also: line, pocket

line somebody's pockets

if money or a system is lining someone's pockets, that person is receiving too much money or is receiving money that is not intended for them There's to be an investigation following allegations that the money raised is lining the pockets of officials.
See also: line, pocket

line your (own) pockets

to make a lot of money in a way that is not fair or honest Sharp resigned after allegations that he had been lining his pockets during his time as company director.
See also: line, pocket

line (one's) pockets

To make a profit, especially by illegitimate means.
See also: line, pocket
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These are guys who have had an age of seeing administrators chisel and cheat, duck and dive, line pockets and generally insult the game.
The situation occurs because some people want to line pockets and come to power.
Everyone should enjoy a brief day-dream of the wonderful things pounds 82m of wasted council taxpayer''s money could better do than line pockets of a few shareholders and senior officials.
Throughout rural China, self-taught lawyers are filing and prosecuting complaints in local courts, offering China's peasants nonviolent ways to resist bullying bureaucracies that often bleed them dry with taxes to make up shortfalls or line pockets.
Guests have been known to line pockets and Tupperware boxes with biscuits.