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1. Weak; lacking force or conviction. Use with caution due to meaning 2. Many have criticized the president's limp-wristed response to the attack, calling for him to authorize a full-fledged military strike.
2. offensive Weak and effeminate; lacking qualities typically associated with masculinity. Used in a derogatory way to imply that a man is homosexual. He was at first dismissed out of hand by many as just a limp-wristed fop, but he proved himself to be one of the toughest litigators in the country.

(limp) dishrag

n. a totally helpless person; a cowardly and spineless person. He’s sweet, but he’s a dishrag.
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The thick, creamy mascara makes the limpest of lashes long and thick, resembling false lashes.
Yes," I replied, as limp as the limpest of lettuces.
Henry did make the occasional dart for freedom, springing an offside trap to take an Oleg Luzhny pass on his thigh but allowing Fabien Barthez to palm away the limpest of finishes.
Only youngsters like Adam Proudlock, Joleon Lescott and Keith Andrews escaped the severe criticism Jones directed at the players after the season ended with the limpest of 1-1 draws against relegated Queens Park Rangers.
The Levy Board's failure to grasp the nettle has reduced it to the limpest of policy statements.
FRANK HADDEN branded Scotland's display as their limpest for almost three years in any international match.