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Limelight Networks calls this routing technology OriginDirect[TM].
Rather than trying to maneuver around a traffic jam, Limelight OriginDirect helps content to avoid the congested road altogether.
Recently introduced, the LimelightSITE[TM] whole-site delivery service is specifically designed to utilize the unique, private computing platform of Limelight Networks to accelerate performance, protect user interaction, and lower the unit cost of delivering static, dynamic, and rich media content.
Offloading delivery to the Limelight Networks CDN brings with it another benefit: scalable, geographic expansion.
Next, Limelight Networks makes it easy to upload, transcode, and manage large, rich-media content libraries.
Limelight Networks provides scalable, on-demand managed infrastructure solutions that route traffic along a private, fiber-optic network to bypass Internet traffic congestion.
Tier 3 has consistently demonstrated its commitment to its customers, and the company's decision to work with Limelight is further testament to this," said Adam Wray, Vice President, Alliances, Limelight Networks.