limber up

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limber someone or something up

to make someone or something more flexible or loose. Let me give you a massage; that will limber you up. I need to limber up my arms.
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Let's limber up for the Giants-Ravens Super Bowl, one long week from today in Tampa Bay, with a jog down memory lane to the NFL's only truly great championship game in the past decade.
THE South Africans limber up at Lord's today and will unveil a fast bowling hope, Mornantau Hayward, trained by the Aussie legend Dennis Lillee.
As the Martyrs limber up for the new campaign they were beaten 5-0 at Penydarren Park by Swansea City during their first pre-season friendly, but bounced back to show a vast improvement to earn a 1-1 draw against a Cardiff City reserve side.
UP TO 1,000 husky dogs were expected to limber up today before an annual dog race - the largest of its kind in the UK.
Fans can go along and watch for free as the stars limber up for their big fights next month.
Kang's 45-minute lessons begin with a series of stretching exercises, followed by skipping, jumping and twirling activities to help the youngsters limber up.