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limber someone or something up

to make someone or something more flexible or loose. Let me give you a massage; that will limber you up. I need to limber up my arms.
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There was nothing of that class among the eight pups Limber Hill provided her with, the best being Nikita Hill, who started favourite for Kilkenny's 1997 McCalmont Cup after clocking the fastest semi time of 29.
With the restructuring announced in July 2002, we have successfully positioned ACLARA on our most promising, high-value opportunity -- eTag assays," commented Limber.
Amiram Steinberg, founder and CTO of Limber, said that "the participation of such leading medical device investors in Limber is confirmation that the Company has identified a range of products that will revolutionize the field of orthopedic surgery.
Limber was instrumental in successfully completing several important strategic partnerships for the Company's lead applications.
In Suite Etta, lanky Lauren Porter bats her limber legs to Etta James's version of "St.
Limber, president and CEO of ACLARA commented, "We are excited to be working with Cepheid and DARPA.
The grandson of Charlie Chaplin, Thierree - who is ``Junebug's'' central performer as well as its creator - is a limber and well-toned 28-year-old with a shock of dark, curly hair, a trunk full of physical skills and an edgy attitude in performance his grandfather would certainly have admired.
Outrageously limber young dancers in leg warmers stretch, chat, and giggle in the hallways of the School of American Ballet, while small groups cluster around each doorway, watching the classes inside.
NASDAQ:ACLA) CEO, Joseph Limber, will be interviewed.
Or it may entail counting along in butchered French as Jordan Savage's impossibly limber ballerina prepares for an exercise.
The former catapulted the dancers across the stage with ebullient grands jetes, fast turns, and limber battements--a testimonial to their high-energy reputation.
Limber, ACLARA's president and CEO, stated, "It is clear that the Patent and Trademark Office did not have significant information before it when it issued the Ramsey patents.
NASDAQ: ACLA) CEO, Joseph Limber will be interviewed.
Gay Duck, created by former ``Simpsons'' writer Mike Reiss, is a hyperactive male nurse (think Woody Woodpecker with more limber wrists) whose catch phrase is ``Oh, my gay stars.
But Maal's music was limber in its own way, moving from drum-heavy, high-production numbers to a lovely song in which he accompanied himself on only an acoustic guitar.