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Whence it happens, that if the blood be withdrawn from any part, the heat is likewise withdrawn by the same means; and although the heart were as-hot as glowing iron, it would not be capable of warming the feet and hands as at present, unless it continually sent thither new blood.
Far and near stretches the dismal forest of pine-trees, which throw their black shadows over the whole land, and likewise over the heart of this poor lady.
Likewise, Liberal leader Jean Chretien and Progressive Conservative Party leader Joe Clark equivocate on gay rights and favour pro-choice policies on abortion, even as they, like Fry, profess to remain Christians and Catholics.
Likewise, in politics, every advance of government power necessarily shrinks rights that are left to individuals.
The "dilemma" the character of Jim poses is multi-layered, and the audience the author addresses is likewise heterogeneous.
Likewise, he situates his chosen episode from the Furioso in apposite historical and biographical contexts.
Likewise, the American approach to child-rearing struck most German visitors as excessively lax, with the result that, as one German journalist noted, only in America could one find "so many spoiled, aggressive, and fresh children .
32)So likewise a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side.
Likewise, officers who initiate an acceptable assignment should be allowed to work the event.
Likewise One of Six Category Winners Up for Red Hat's Innovator of the Year Award; Company Also Selected to Join Red Hat Exchange
They are likewise cautious over the upcoming presidential elections in France this April 23.
Daewoo, and also Samsung, are likewise seeking to sell their floating docks.
Likewise, not every strategic, managerial or investment-related decision is less important than patient care.
Greenwood and Stowe do fine, nuanced work, though Stowe in future interviews might want to likewise eviscerate the people who did her makeup - they've made her wan and simpering.
The older Lachmannian or genealogical model of textual criticism, originally developed to deal with biblical and classical texts, likewise remains a powerful standard for editors working on texts for which a proliferation of manuscripts abounds and the archetype is lost.