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liken (someone or something) to (someone or something else)

To represent or describe someone or something as being very similar to someone or something else. People keep likening him to Ronald Reagan for his particular political positions. I was really able to visualize it better after my teacher likened the chemical reaction to a football play.
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liken someone or something to someone or something

to compare someone or something to someone or something, concentrating on the similarities. He is strange. I can only liken him to an eccentric millionaire. The poet likened James to a living statue of Mercury.
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Without mentioning what happened the eleventh of September, the Frente's negative comments against Washington or the letter from Fidel Castro accusing our president of wanting to invade Cuba indicate possible future policies that concern us," said Likens.
Otuz ardisik liken planuslu hasta, 30 psoriyazis vulgarisli hasta ve 30 yas ve cinsiyet acisindan eslestirilmis saglikli kontrol calismaya dahil edildi.
Hartshorne, Guney Afrikali bir ailede ailesel liken amiloidoz tanisi alan dort olgu tanimlamistir.
In addition, Likens implemented testing and comprehensive mid-term projects.
Their children are Shawnaly Kuanduch of Junction City, Gretchen Berger of Sherwood and Greg Likens of LaPine.
As he probes the practices of his example companies, he ties those into the seven roles, which his publicist likens to "the seven habits of a highly effective CFO.
In March a Senate committee approved Clinton's bill authorizing government-funded research on "the effects of viewing and using electronic media, including television, computers, video games, and the Internet, on children's cognitive, social, physical, and psychological development" Fittingly, since Clinton likens these diversions to a plague, the research would be overseen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Kuhlmey likens the system to rotating the tires on a car to increase their lifespan.
ADD and Me: Forty Years In A Fog is the personal memoir of a man with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), which he likens to living in a fog.
To their surprise, the researchers detected a glimmer that Evans likens to "a big, red, bloodshot eye.
Recognizing the metaphoric implications of the perpetrator's activities, the detective bent on cracking "the typewriter's" case likens her use of the mechanical writing tool to that of a machine gun (unsurprising, perhaps, given that companies such as Remington produced both machines designed for speed, precision, and repetition).
We project that if the current trends continue, nitric acid will become the dominant acid in eastern North America by about 2012," Likens says.
One CEO likens this provision of Sarbanes-Oxley to the ring of the dinner bell for the trial lawyers.