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liken someone or something to someone or something

to compare someone or something to someone or something, concentrating on the similarities. He is strange. I can only liken him to an eccentric millionaire. The poet likened James to a living statue of Mercury.
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ITAMS' acquisition of Liken recognises the many years of hard work that has been invested in building much needed IP to support inventory tools and licence management services.
Liken planus pigmentozus (LPP), benekli ya da retikuler pigmentasyon gosteren, derinin gunes goren yerlerinde ya da fleksural bolgelerinde ortaya cikan, liken planusun nadir bir formudur, ilk defa 1974'te Bhutani ve arkadaslari tarafindan klinik ve histopatolojik ozellikleri ile birlikte tanimlanmistir (3).
Uc hafta icinde yeni bul cikisi olmadi, mevcut liken planus ve bulloz lezyonlar yerlerinde hiperpigmentasyon birakarak tamamen iyilestiler (Sekil 1b,d; 2b).
Without mentioning what happened the eleventh of September, the Frente's negative comments against Washington or the letter from Fidel Castro accusing our president of wanting to invade Cuba indicate possible future policies that concern us," said Likens.
Literaturde liken planuslu hastalarin psikolojik profilini cesitli depresyon ve anksiyete skalalari kullanarak degerlendiren calismalar mevcuttur (3-8).
Subscribers use the free audit scanning software, provided as part of the service, to gather data and submit it to Liken for processing.
Primer kutanoz amiloidozun, liken amiloidoz, makuler amiloidoz ve noduler amiloidoz olmak uzere uc tipi bulunur.
Liken, 53, is president and chief executive officer of Respironics and has been a director since January 1999.
A small but uncertain percentage of people have trouble recognizing melodies or playing music, a condition some researchers call dysmusia or amusia and liken to the reading disability dyslexia (SN: 11/25/00, p.
Liken closed with an update on the previously announced restructuring.
Liken, 49, is a member of the Respironics board and has advised the company on a number of marketing and sales strategies as a consultant.
Nasdaq: LNCR) today announced that it has acquired the business of Liken Home Medical, Inc.
The regularity of these eruptions prompted the scientists to liken the bright X-ray source, known as GRS 1915+105, to Yellowstone National Park's Old Faithful geyser.
and I took a long, close look at significant trends in the health care and the general business market," said Robert Liken, "and we concluded that the time was right for Liken Services, Inc.
ATLANTA, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Norrell Corporation (Nasdaq: NORL), a leading national provider of staffing and outsourcing services, announced that it has signed a purchase agreement to acquire Liken Staffing Services Inc.