like the devil

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*like the devil

 and *like the dickens; *like hell
Fig. with a fury; in a great hurry; with a lot of activity. (*Typically: fight ~; run ~; scream ~; thrash around~.) We were working like the dickens when the rain started and made us quit for the day.
See also: devil, like

like the devil (or a demon)

with great speed or energy.
See also: devil, like

like the ˈdevil

(old-fashioned, informal) very fast, hard, etc: We had to work like the devil to be finished on time.I ran like the devil, but I still missed the bus.
See also: devil, like
References in classic literature ?
Walk fast now till you get away from the houses, and then shin for the raft like the dickens was after you
But I hate to hear 'em abuse him so like the dickens when he never done -- that.
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