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The lightning rod mounting bracket on the positioner is tilted.
They're right that it has become a Lightning rod, because it appears to the public that colleges manipulate yield, thinking it will improve their rankings," says admissions consultant and University Business contributor Howard Greene.
Kansas became a lightning rod for the movement when its school board voted to remove evolution from its science curriculum, only to add it later under pressure.
Alberti's status as the 'first modern' has led to his serving as a lightning rod for the concerns of his subsequent biographers.
Since assuming office in 1996, Nash has been a lightning rod for controversy.
The meeting focused on the work of Panayiotis Varotsos, a solid-state physicist at the University of Athens and a lightning rod in the field of earthquake research.
Franklin later invented the lightning rod, which protects building from damage by carrying lightning's electricity through a cable into the ground.
It is now a commonplace to note that she has become the lightning rod for people's deepest anxieties and most fervent hopes about the role that women should play in shaping the future of the country.
Shad, a veteran of Wall Street whose view of the SEC before he arrived was that it tended to leap before it looked, became a lightning rod within the agency.
But as his lightning bolt tie tack and photos of lightning strikes hanging on his conference room walls suggest, Robert "Call Me Bob" Cripe's true love is the lightning rod business.
When support is needed, players can visit Pigpen's Shop to purchase a comical collection of weapons and gadgets to upgrade their planes, such as the Snow Blower and the Lightning Rod.
The Lightning Rod Series incorporates some new, specific features and is designed to work in several different types of surface drill and blast applications," said Jay Klinko, product manager for Boart Longyear.
But Huffman is considered a lightning rod with legendary credentials as a social activist.
He was famous throughout Europe and America for his experiments with electricity and his invention of the lightning rod.
SEMCI--Single Entry, Multiple Company Interface--continues to be a lightning rod in any discussion of agent-carrier interface.