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When you catch that kind of lightning in a bottle, you start broadening your audience, and it's become the `it' movie.
Young readers also learn how to make clouds and lightning in a bottle.
Radio Show Discusses How to Capture Lightning in a Bottle, Harness the Power of Web 2.
that could also be the bad news too, the latter referring to the 2004 mid-season trade that sent all-star catcher Paul LoDuca, middle reliever Guillermo Mota and Jose Lima packing when the team was gelling like no Dodger team since that '88 team that caught lightning in a bottle, beating Mets and A's teams that looked on paper to be superior, in the League Championship and World Series respectively.
In the case of country singer/songwriter Woody Bradshaw, George Burton, President of Primoris/Universal Records, truly felt he was capturing Lightning In A Bottle Co the name of Bradshaw's debut album, set for release on November 21.
A lot of times it's just lightning in a bottle, a multitude of elements.
NEW YORK -- Looking to capture lightning in a bottle -- again -- Sidney Frank Importing Co.