lighten load

lighten your load

also lighten the load
to make something easier for you to deal with Every kind of helper, from eye doctors to massage therapists, volunteered time to lighten the rescue workers' load.
See also: lighten, load

lighten somebody's/the load

to make a difficult or upsetting situation easier to deal with Anyway, we'll be getting a temp in next month to do some of this work so that should lighten your load.
See also: lighten, load
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And there is no better way to lighten load than with a little laughter and a great, big smile.
US marines go to war in Afghanistan with solar cells embedded in their rucksacks, efficient enough to recharge lithium-ion batteries for radios and greatly lighten loads.
Shipping companies forced to lighten loads for second consecutive season
They want headteachers to tackle the problem by making school bags (sensible rucksacks) part of school uniform; review timetables to lighten loads children must carry; provide every child with a locker and introduce short exercise breaks to re-set the sp ine.