light fire

light your fire

to make someone excited, especially sexually I've met some decent men but none that light my fire.
See also: fire, light
References in classic literature ?
My governess looked out, for we were all up, and cried immediately that such a gentlewoman's house was all of a light fire atop, and so indeed it was.
for we must cover many a league ere we can venture to light fire or to loosen girth.
Take out your goods and the gear of the straight ship, and make an altar upon the beach of the sea: light fire upon it and make an offering of white meal.
We shall have to light fires to keep them away, if we can suc- ceed.
It don't prove much, Dick, for those animals, when goaded by hunger or thirst, will travel long distances, and I think that, to-night, we had better keep a more vigilant lookout, and light fires, besides.
For there was a time when there were no newspapers, nothing for father to read at breakfast-time, and no old newspapers to crumple up and light fires with.
Light fire and rescue vehicle on the chassis powered 4 x 2 DIN EN 1846-1 L-1-5 (building container) (CPV - 34144210-3 firefighting vehicles) and performing in Contractor headquarters training for users in handling equipment;
Jump from chopper, light fire, build shelter, eat live scorpions the size of The Lego Movie cast, cover yourself in mud, drink your home brew.
Sources also said that both heavy and light fire was received from across the border.
Experts at the University of Tubingen insist the purpose of the stone was to light fire apart from providing sexual pleasure, reports Independent Online.
Contract notice: Delivery fourteen light fire and rescue vehicle for the tso divided into fourteen tasks no matter zp1zow2015.
The fire caused light fire and heat damage but serious smoke damage to the hallway and two of the flats.
Contract notice: Tender for the supply and delivery of 6 Light Fire Engines and 1 High Capacity Foam Carrier.
The heat from a little, light fire on the ground cannot get up to ignite the canopy.
Tenders are invited for Operation and general maintenance of iei and compound light fire fighting system automatic fire alarm system epabx system drinking water pump sets and operation of lifts in connection with Maintenance Operation electrical installation fans rm of pump sets lifts fire fighting system fire alarm system epabx system etc in residential flat in lloyd s estate for custom department at wadala mumba