light as a feather

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*light as a feather

 and *light as air
Cliché light in weight; [of cakes and pastries] delicate and airy. (*Also: as ~.) Carrying Esther from the car to the house was no problem; she was as light as a feather. What a delicious cake, Tom! And light as air, too.
See also: feather, light

light as a feather

Extremely lightweight. This simile can be used to refer either to physical weight, as in This load is light as a feather, or to texture, as in This cake is light as a feather. [Mid-1500s]
See also: feather, light

light as a feather

If someone or something is as light as a feather, they weigh very little. `Put me down,' I said. `I'm too heavy.' `Light as a feather,' he retorted, ignoring my request. Although it was a large package, it was as light as a feather.
See also: feather, light

(as) light as ˈair/a ˈfeather

weighing very little; very light: I love this jacket — it’s really warm but it’s as light as a feather.Her sponge cakes are as light as air. OPPOSITE: weigh (half) a ton
See also: air, feather, light
References in classic literature ?
Young men's minds are light as air, but when an old man comes he looks before and after, deeming that which shall be fairest upon both sides.
The heroes of ancient and modern fame, Cimon, Themistocles, Alcibiades, Alexander, Caesar, have treated life and fortune as a game to be well and skilfully played, but the stake not to be so valued but that any time it could be held as a trifle light as air, and thrown up.
Whether Achmet the merchant lived or died was a thing as light as air to me, but at the talk about the treasure my heart turned to it, and I thought of what I might do in the old country with it, and how my folk would stare when they saw their ne'er-do-well coming back with his pockets full of gold moidores.
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