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An offensive term for a homosexual male. Mary was furious at Jason for referring to her gay friend as a shirt-lifter.

a shirt-lifter

  (British & Australian informal)
an offensive way of referring to a man who is homosexual (= sexually attracted to other men) He was taunted by a chorus of adolescent gay haters shouting 'shirt-lifter!'.
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night; Samson brought down when hair cut, since essential nature was altered, vow was broken; impatiens won't grow in sun because of shade-loving nature; impatiens defy nature, flowers not used in reproduction, hidden flowers form seeds; weight lifters defy nature, essential nature is hidden, gentle.
The High Lifter Gear Lift takes UTV lift kits to the next level by addressing critical issues missed by traditional big lifts which are improved torque at the wheels, factory-like ride quality, and reduced strain on the driveline.
com will represent the Ziolek Lifter invention for 2 years utilizing the aforementioned vehicles of exposure.
Hubbard, who was raised in Merthyr, made the move to Bournemouth 15 months ago to study nutrition and dietetics at Bournemouth University where he began training with Rees and a range of other competitive lifters.
The lifter picks up the barbell from the floor and thrusts it overhead without stopping.
Two surveys of intensive weight lifters in Michigan and Ohio now provide a glimpse of the addictive potential and psychiatric effects of these drugs.
With this design, you need to assemble the lifter around the pot before moving.
Each single-use packet contains a 100% culinary cotton roast lifter and two food-safe silicone poultry truss bands.
In this column I will discuss the lifter, why it is used, angles/travel, and some design considerations in relation to the angle/travel.
March 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A fully integrated Vacuum-Hoist Lifter equipped with an extended articulating operator handle for lifting and positioning heavy, porous loads is now available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.
Kavita Devi ( 85kg) is the lone lifter who did not go to Glasgow.
WORLD champion power lifter Gavin Walker trains at a County Durham leisure centre.
The Sward Lifter equipment, used to reduce compaction and improve grass quality, has been loaned to the Ruthin college farm.
North Wales lifter Stephanie Owens took a big step forward on her quest for a Games place.