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chance of a lifetime

An extremely important and/or fortuitous opportunity, especially one that is not likely to ever present itself again. Often (but not always) used hyperbolically. They offered me the chance of a lifetime to travel the world and write about my experiences abroad. Make sure you take advantage of our sale, it's a chance of a lifetime!
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a legend in (one's) own lifetime

A person who has an extraordinary level of fame or reputation while he or she is still alive. The singer has made such a huge impact on the world of blues that she's come to be a legend in her own lifetime.
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once-in-a-lifetime chance

 and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
a chance that will never occur again in one's lifetime. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Don't miss it. She offered me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but I turned it down.
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Why break the habit of a lifetime?

  (British & Australian humorous)
something that you say which means that you do not believe that someone will stop doing something bad that they have done all their lives 'I must stop writing my essays the night before the deadline.' 'Why break the habit of a lifetime?'
See make or break
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once in a lifetime

only likely to happen once in someone's life Opportunities to play in the Cup Final only come once in a lifetime so we've got to make the most of it.
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once in a lifetime

Extremely rare, especially as an opportunity. For example, An offer like that will come just once in a lifetime. This phrase, often used hyperbolically, was first recorded in 1854. Also see of one's life.
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6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Lifetime Products, a world leader in blow-molded folding tables and chairs, recently took action to enforce its patent rights in China against Shaoxing Hongye Leisure Product Co.
One-time payments would be based on the veteran's life expectancy and would be a fraction of the current value of lifetime monthly payments.
A wide range of experimental configurations has been explored to both measure the lifetime of UCN in our magnetic trap and to understand the observed shift in the measured trap lifetime due to systematic effects.
Laginestra and Jonathan Fales represented Lifetime Television, while, in addition to Mr.
The broad range of stochastic prices is the consequence of the broad range of likely lifetimes and the fact that the present value of cash flows decreases rapidly as lifetime until death increases.
The inability to identify individual split gifts for purposes of electing out of the deemed-GST-exemption allocation was compounded when the deemed-allocation rules were extended to lifetime indirect-skip transfers.
Even with a relatively high usage rate, media lifetime ranges are projected in decades, which is significantly longer than what has been seen historically in the hardware and software technologies used to run them.
Circumcision status did not affect the odds that women had cervical cancer, regardless of women's age, age at first sex, educational level, number of lifetime partners or condom use.
Lifetime is also seeking synergies with its sister businesses.
Supporters of Proposition 140, in an argument published in the official ballot pamphlet mailed to registered voters said, ``Proposition 140 will put an end to the lifetime legislators who have developed cozy relationships with special interests.
While the durability of any mold depends on its complexity and the section sizes of the casting, a typically designed lifetime of a simple H-13 tool steel mold may be 70,000 castings.
Until recently, the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimated the lifetime risk of breast cancer by cutting off the analysis at age 85.
The new AARP Lifetime Income Program from New York Life will help AARP members effectively address one of retirement's most urgent financial needs.
The new Lifetime Stackable Commercial Folding Tables from Lifetime Products, Inc.
We plan to use this oil in a new type of neutron lifetime measurement, where a bellows system ("accordion") enables to vary the trap size in a wide range while the total surface area and distribution of surface area over height remain constant.