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Lies are nothing new to the Turkish political scene.
Alterman is not certain if Reagan's lies derived from conscious dishonesty, or mental decline; as a result, he comes down much harder on Reagan's senior aides than on the former president since these aides have no excuses.
It came up because one of those wonderful surveys suggested that 94% of British women lie.
Gay and straight people alike must speak up, speak out, and speak the truth so that lies don't win this time.
DePaulo has found that people's most serious lies involve betrayals of romantic partners.
that managed care organizations (MCOs) refer to nursing home care recipients as consumers, whose value lies in their ability and willingness to purchase MCO goods and services; they are also covered lives, because managed care operates in an insurance context;
Children tell lies for many reasons, depending on the situation and their motivation.
White lies, like the existence of imaginary friends, are harmless," explains Dr.
According to Mahon, the vast majority of lies are told for self-interested reasons - saving face or self-protection.
At the risk of sounding stuffy, I like to do the right thing,'' James Manning says at a different point in ``Separate Lies,'' not in reply to his wife's plea for relief, though it might as well be.
The temperature, in turn, indicates how far the dust lies from the star.
Now those lies have finally caught up with him, and he is hopelessly entangled in their web, even as he spins more strands.
The vast majority of women admit being economical with the truth and have little conscience about telling lies, reveals a genuine new poll.
The future of the Church lies in vocations to the priesthood and religious life -- not in lay ministries.
But an examination of dozens of these articles, which purport to detail the chief cases of Gore's exaggerations and lies, finds journalists often engaging in their own exaggerations or even publishing outright falsehoods about Gore.