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lie at (one's) door

To be one's responsibility. Typically said of something negative. I'm the coach, and I called a bad play, so any blame for this loss lies at my door.
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lie at the bottom of (something)

To be the fundamental cause of something. Stubbornness lies at the bottom of every unresolved disagreement.
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lie behind (someone or something)

1. To be positioned behind someone or something. The gym lies behind the school.
2. To be in the past. Don't be concerned about what lies behind you, only what lies ahead. Everything that lies behind us is what makes us who we are—the good and the bad.
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lie down on the job

To not work as hard as one should; to shirk one's responsibilities. If you lie down on the job again, you can be sure you'll be fired—there are plenty of guys who'd take your place in a minute.
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lie like a trooper

To lie often and barefacedly. My brother lies like a trooper to get out of trouble with our parents. I just can't understand how they still believe him at this stage. You know you have true power when you can lie like a trooper, know that people don't believe you, and know that they'll go along with what you say regardless.
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lie (one's) way into (something or someplace)

To obtain something or gain access to a particular place or thing through deceit. We tried to lie our way into the party, but we were immediately recognized as freshmen and told to leave. He didn't actually have any of the proper certifications, he just lied his way into the job.
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lie down on the job

 and lay down on the job
Fig. to do one's job poorly or not at all. (Lay is a common error for lie.) Tom was fired because he was laying down on the job. You mean he was lying down on the job, don't you?
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lie like a trooper

tell lies constantly and flagrantly. Compare with swear like a trooper (at swear).
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lie down on the ˈjob

(informal) not do a job properly: I’m not going to employ anybody here who lies down on the job. I only want people who work hard.
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Johnson and Nixon both lied when they claimed only military targets were bombed (reporters knew the greatest number of deaths was among civilians).
Reagan lied to the nation about his covert and illegal support of the contras in Nicaragua.
No matter how much we hate to be lied to, we are remarkably comfortable with the lie.
The prosecution team will try to broaden its perjury case by charging that Clinton lied about other details, like when his relationship with Lewinsky began, the frequency of their meetings and the number of times they had sexually explicit telephone conversations.
The fourth article, abuse of power, alleges he sought to use his lawyers to ward off investigators and lied to the American public about his affair with Lewinsky.
Dan Lungren lied about Gray Davis' record on the death penalty.
If a man is defending a woman against a mugger, should she knock her defender down because he once lied about adultery?
The central charge in Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report is that President Clinton lied to the grand jury when he denied touching Monica Lewinsky in a sexual manner.
Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report on the Lewinsky affair makes a solid case that President Clinton had a sexual relationship and lied about it, but Starr is on shakier ground when he alleges obstruction of justice and witness tampering, legal analysts said.
Starr's 445-page report asserts that Clinton lied during his civil deposition in the Paula Jones sexual misconduct lawsuit in January and during his grand jury testimony last month from the White House, three lawyers who insisted on anonymity said.
We have been lied to repeatedly, forced to fund a long investigation that as it turns out has been vindicated by Clinton's revelation, subjected to fierce stonewalling by Clinton's cronies and made the laughingstock of the world.
How great of them to be honest - they could have lied.
He lied to his fellow officers, he lied to his commander, he lied to people sitting in the jury box.