lie within

lie within something

to remain within a defined area or domain. The boundaries of the village lie completely within the river valley. The cost you cited lies within the range I was considering.
See also: lie, within
References in classic literature ?
They bade good-bye to the people of Ev, and the King promised Ozma that he would ever be grateful to her and render the Land of Oz any service that might lie within his power.
They form a triangle, and lie within the parallels of
Leonard's, Shoreditch, contains Christian names which appear to have been chosen with reference to the heroines of Shakespeare; and the record of burials bears the name of many an old actor of mark whose remains now lie within the churchyard.
From there our way will lie within the temples of the therns and across them to the outer court.
Doth the universe lie within the compass of yonder town, which only a little time ago was but a leaf-strewn desert, as lonely as this around us?
They may be men of a certain experience and discrimination, and have no doubt invented ingenious and even useful systems, for which we sincerely thank them; but all their wit and usefulness lie within certain not very wide limits.
Instead of wandering on down the Amazons until she reached some sulphurous tropical port, where one had to lie within doors all day beating off insects with a fan, the sensible thing to do surely was to spend the season with them in their villa by the seaside, where among other advantages Mrs.
Is nothing more needed than to get a footing, by hook or by crook, in other people's houses to rule over the masters (and that, perhaps, after having been brought up in all the straitness of some seminary, and without having ever seen more of the world than may lie within twenty or thirty leagues round), to fit one to lay down the law rashly for chivalry, and pass judgment on knights-errant?
From the paintings over which his elaborate fancy brooded, and which grew, touch by touch, into vagueness at which I shuddered the more thrillingly, because I shuddered knowing not why;--from these paintings (vivid as their images now are before me) I would in vain endeavour to educe more than a small portion which should lie within the compass of merely written words.
The remains of five stone monuments, typically erected in honor of rulers, lie within the plazas.
The spreadsheet will show you all other properties that lie within that marketplace, and their total offerings within the marketplace.
The measurement indicates that PSR J0437-4715 vies with only one other pulsar, the once-mysterious Geminga - now estimated to lie within 300 light-years of Earth - as the closest pulsar to the solar system (SN: 1/2/93, p.
The large increase in velocity towards the center indicates that a compact object exerting an unusually large gravitational tug must lie within 0.
and this new option agreement with AXMIN, controls exploration and operatorship rights over approximately 4,000 square kilometres that lie within trucking distance of the Taparko gold processing facility.
His labor resulted in the discovery of Saturn's 18th moon, now known as 1981 S13 -- the only satellite known to lie within the planet's main system of three clearly visible rings (SN: 8/4/90, p.