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lie to someone (about someone or something)

to tell an untruth about someone or something to someone. You wouldn't lie to me about Sarah, would you? I'm not lying to you!
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In these experiments, they still took longer to lie than tell the truth, but the difference was greater when they had to decide which lie to tell.
However, 18-34 year olds are quickest by far to lie to parents (61%), best friends (47%), doctors (also 47%) and siblings (42%).
How ever, this serious group is a very small percentage of the population and should not justify a firm and automatic: "Don't ever lie to me.
Hence, if a president believes a lie to be necessary to maintain or improve his political fortunes, the lie is told.
2) Making the decision to lie to the media involves many complex issues, including some important ethical concerns.
Teens also lie to obtain power and achieve autonomy from parents .
He forced the CIA to lie to him so he could bomb the wrong country.
They may lie to impress their friends with what they can get away with, or lie to a teacher or other adult about their families to feel a momentary superiority about how they can fool others.
At this age, children learn to lie to get out of trouble.