lie beyond

lie beyond someone or something

1. to be located on the other side of someone or something. The stream lies beyond those men you see working in the field. The village lies just beyond that hill there.
2. to be outside the grasp or the ability of someone or a group. I am afraid that this matter lies beyond Dave. The solution lies beyond the power of the committee.
See also: beyond, lie
References in classic literature ?
The 'Deus ex Machina' should be employed only for events external to the drama,--for antecedent or subsequent events, which lie beyond the range of human knowledge, and which require to be reported or foretold; for to the gods we ascribe the power of seeing all things.
It was determined to scale this ridge, and seek a passage into the valley which must lie beyond.
Places lie beyond these,' said the child, firmly, 'where we may live in peace, and be tempted to do no harm.
Water, sky, evergreens, a wind--these things not even the seasons can touch, and surely they lie beyond the intrusion of man?
Not only then, but many a time after, especially in moments of weariness and low spirits, did I look with dissatisfied eyes on that most tantalizing board, longing to tear it away and get a glimpse of the green region which I imagined to lie beyond.
But next moment he controlled himself; he looked at her taking in one strange shape after another with the contemplative, considering gaze of a person who sees not exactly what is before him, but gropes in regions that lie beyond it.
As the yellow door offered the only means of escape without detection, the Englishman decided to risk whatever might lie beyond it, and so, boldly pushing it in, he crossed the threshold and entered a small apartment.
Infiniti's lead on safety features continues with Predictive Forward Collision Warning, which alerts the driver to risks that lie beyond their field of view.
YOKOHAMA MUSEUM OF ART, BANKART STUDIO NYK, AND OTHER VENUES * August 6-November 6 * Curated by Akiko Miki and Eriko Osaka * Taking its thematic tide, "Our Magic Hour," from a sculpture by Ugo Rondnione (in which a billboard-size rainbow of text spells out the same), the Fourth Yokohama Triennale looks to art as a portal to "magic"--what we intuit to lie beyond or beneath the technologically controlled structures and administrative procedures of our globalized world.
Such barriers lie beyond the idea, either in selling or implementing it.
The Municipal District Planning and Building Committee released details of construction programs slated for three neighborhoods, Har Homa, Pisgat Ze'ev and Ramot, all of which lie beyond what is called the Green Line, where fighting between Israeli and Arab forces stopped in 1967.
Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds (9pm) The Top Gear presenter examines the wonders that lie beyond the limits of the naked eye, beginning with the sights missed during the time it takes a human eye to blink.
Testimony fromexperts such as Gregg Braden, Dannion Brinkley, Dzogchen Ponlop and many more for the core of this intriguing presentation, which offers surprising hope and insight into what mysteries might lie beyond the veil.
For entities that lie beyond ordinary experience, says Wilson (emeritus philosophy, U.
of Michigan School of Public Health), social factors that lie beyond the individual and affect whole populations (macrosocial factors) should be central to thinking about the production of health and disease.