lie around

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lie around (some place)

to recline some place; to spend some time lazily in some place. I think I will just lie around the house all day. I need to lie around every now and then.
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The remains of several structures lie around and on top of it.
Wright has inferred that these skarn bodies lie around the inferred outer edge of a very large body or complex of intrusive granitic porphyry, similar to the Fortitude-Phoenix system.
Furthermore, the Dogs Act 1906 makes it illegal to allow unburied carcasses to lie around the farm.
If her husband thought he was going to lie around the house all day reading the paper and watching TV while she was still working, he was sadly mistaken.
Self-absorbed, the girls loll, slump, or lie around, trying out attitudes and positions.
We think the answers to that question lie around Antarctica, because it is considered to be the anchor of climate today.