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As she watched him from beneath half-closed lids, Tarzan crossed the little circular clearing toward the trees upon the further side.
With a great relief he turned his soul to the screen of torment under his lids.
00" began to smoulder under his lids again, and he returned himself to servitude.
Smart Can[TM], a patented hands-free waste receptacle by Hospital Specialty, uses an infrared sensor that automatically opens the lid when a person's hand is within 8" of the top and closes it once a person walks away.
All year round you're busy tossing your trash into the proper recycling bins, but this month and throughout October, take a closer look at your lids.
The application of the membrane to the lid can be carried out after the molding of the lid from the sheet plastic and either prior to or after the lids are individually die cut from a sheet.
Earlier that evening, night shift had been instructed to remove the same lower tank lid.
Add water up to the point where the lid screws on, allowing for the toys to displace some of the water.
Supply of 1 540 Pieces wheeled plastic garbage large containers 1,1 mA in accordance with DIN EN 840 and the following, together with parental control by a lid-in-lid system (so-called secondary lid), cover embossing, trunk, lid and lid-in-lid-color replay on demand (green / green / green or green / green / yellow or black / blue / blue).
com/research/grwjs5/cups_and_lids) has announced the addition of the "Cups and Lids Market in US 2015-2019" report to their offering.
Lid Works is a privately held company that was resurrected from bankruptcy in 1985 by Mazzarolo's father, who previously ran a company called Heat Seal Packaging, which made aluminum foil lids.
Commercial Director, Danny Feldman commented: "What we love about this lid and what makes it truly stand out from all other sip-lids is that everyone will know it is eco-friendly as soon as they set their eyes on it.
Three counter-weight lid springs are mounted under the base.
To create raised designs, glue chenille sticks and cardboard shapes to the lid of a box.
Four colour plates were used in all, one for each prime colour in the printing process and a fourth black key plate to lay down the image on the pot lid.