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licorice pizza

n. a 33.3 (speed) vinyl record. (Contrived.) Why don’t you replace all these silly licorice pizzas with real CDs?
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licorice stick

(ˈlɪkrɪʃ stɪk)
n. a clarinet. (Jazz musicians.) Man, can he play the licorice stick.
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At the beginning, the report drafts a detailed introduction to the Licorice Extract industry, stating all industry terminologies and enlisting the development of the industry over the recent span of time.
They recommend that licorice sweet manufacturers should state a recommended daily amount as a safety measure.
com/2014/10/13/what-does-android-l-stand-for/) BGR , Android Licorice came directly from Giovanni Calabrese.
This study showed the principle pattern of Chinese herbal drugs used in combination with licorice or not.
Generally licorice is recognised as safe when used in foods and over the counter medications, however consumption of large amounts of licorice may cause hypertension through inhibition of the renal enzyme 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase which converts cortisol into cortisone.
The licorice category doesn't need just another fruit-flavored licorice.
I am far from an expert on female behavior, but I am reasonably sure the following items have much greater appeal than sticky, chewy licorice candy.
Licorice root is a popular herb in Chinese medicine, but until now there have been few studies to identify its effectiveness.
An advanced patented manufacturing process ensures that Glavonoid[TM] does not contain any glycyrrhizinic acid at all: Glycyrrhizinic acid is regarded as having "cortisone-like" side effects and is the reason why licorice has not been used more widely thus far.
Stefan Gafner and colleagues explained that the dried root of the licorice plant is a common treatment in Chinese traditional medicine, especially as a way to enhance the activity of other herbal ingredients or as a flavouring substance.
She has created Bravura Foods, which yesterday took over the UK and Ireland distribution of Panda licorice, the second-biggest licorice product in the country, behind Bassett's.
Liverpool John Moores University graduate Lisa Gawthorne has spent more than four years working on the marketing of the licorice products, both for UK distributors and for the Finnish parent company, Oy Panda.
Nice licorice base, and licorice all through," said Tom Conti.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Ramadan drinks are a popular tradition due to its benefits to health, ease of preparation and delectable taste, and one of these traditional drinks is licorice which is linked to the fasters' cultural heritage.
We've teamed up with Panda Licorice to give readers the chance to win a stunning break in cultural Helsinki.