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They had marched beyond the Blue Licks to a remarkable bend of the main fork of Licking River, about forty-three miles from Lexington, as it is particularly represented in the map, where we overtook them on the nineteenth day.
Afterwards we proceeded on to Kentucke river without opposition; and on the first day of April began to erect the fort of Boonsborough at a salt lick, about sixty yards from the river, on the S.
I dare you to step over that, and I'll lick you till you can't stand up.
If the truth was known," he added, more soberly, "THEY'VE licked US about every clip up to now; but this time--this time--we'll lick 'em good
As the flames ate their way into the living-room, reaching out forked tongues to lick up the bodies of the dead, one of that gruesome company whose bloody welterings had long since been stilled, moved again.
You licked Cheese-Face, and you'll lick the editors if it takes twice eleven years to do it in.
I was goin' teh lick dat Riley kid and dey all pitched on me.
Ah, we blokies kin lick deh hull damn Row," said a child, swaggering.
He pulled out the thorn and bound up the paw of the Lion, who was soon able to rise and lick the hand of Androcles like a dog.
French Frank, aided by John Barleycorn, orated hypocritically about virtue and honesty, and, despite his fifty years, got Whisky Bob out on the sand and proceeded to lick him.
But Nelson pulled his bandaged hand, bullet-perforated, out of its sling, and, held by us, wept and roared his Berserker belief that he could lick Soup Kennedy one-handed.
I suppose you'll be sayin' next that he can lick Ward," Kelly snapped.
I won't say he'll lick Ward, but he'll put up such a show that you'll all know he's a comer.
half a man, and I'll lick thee as well as wast ever licked in thy life.
I say, you two," said Diggs, from the end of the hall, rousing up and resting himself on his elbow--"you'll never get rid of that fellow till you lick him.