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Otherwise, the empty halls of American labs will be echoing lickety-split.
Lickety-Split, by Robert Heidbreder, illustrated by Dusan Petrie, Kids Can Press (print awareness);
The big opening theme goes by lickety-split, and then when the second subject arrives the pianist practically stops the performance with his lingering tempo reductions.
This "Remote Deposit Capture" software is able to scan checks into the appropriate Check 21 format and direct it immediately into the check collection stream so that it ends up in a client's account lickety-split.
And, of course, you'll find some creative pasta-based options and stove-top dishes, including Lickety-Split Burger Hash and Deja vu Sloppy Joes.
Entire phrases and chart notes can be set up using templates that have assigned identifier numbers, so all I have to do is say the number and there's the phrase or chart, lickety-split.
The reader will discover tips such as: Stretch Your Day, Zip Through Housework, Teach Yourself Some Tech Tips, Find Pleasure In Being Organized, Liberate The Living Room, Use Kitchen Quickies, Let A Junk Drawer Save You Time, Plan A Party Lickety-Split.
Surely, it would be better to invest the pension fund in a way that matches its future liabilities rather than going lickety-split for the maximum investment return with fingers crossed that nothing too dreadful will happen.
When the year is young, when vain Aquarius washes his mane, when frost copycats its thick-skinned sister snow, the laborer, Joe Blow, with nothing but incentive, slaps his thigh at the white countryside, and returns to his place to pace, like one with nothing better to do but not know what to do, until that time when he looks again with hope, and finds outside has been revived with a lickety-split face-lift and so, lifting his staff, Joe drives his sheep again to graze.
Go for lickety-split banana splits with your buds, or go to a show and get tickets at the door.
Lickety-split the warm-up lady had coached me into a meaningful interview by sheer force of empathy and body language and white wine.
The British drive to their country estates in clippity-clop carriages, moving so slowly that you wonder whether they will arrive before next week's episode; the Jerseyites drive their SUVs lickety-split to the strip club or at midnight to the Hudson River to dump a corpse.
And we were gob-smacked as dozens of contenders contacted us lickety-split.
We expect dial-tone service, and we expect our messages to get there lickety-split.
Lickety-split the forlorn alley couch was metamorphosed into a cheerful and transformative road prop, just the width of the turning lane.