lick off

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lick something off (of) something

 and lick something off
to remove something from something by licking with the tongue. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The dog licked the grease off of the floor where the meat had dropped. The dog licked off the grease.
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So essential, in fact, that Dunaway claims to have delighted in such undignified activities as wallowing in gooey pink cake cream and road-testing various preparations that the orangutan actor, Sam, would find appetizing enough to lick off her cheek.
After lick off washing off the facial scrub, Carmen massages her little feet with a vanilla and milk thistle paw soak.
The attack left the stoat with a face full of oily fish vomit, which it then proceeded to lick off its face.
The boys gargled sea water to stop their throats from drying out and drank what little rain water they could lick off the hull.
The government of course, is furiously trying to lick off the traces and convince us GM is yummy.
Insurance worker Sarah, 45, said: "I was a bit sceptical at first but I bought a jar of Marmite and just kept smearing it on his beak each day for him to lick off.
Champagne - which some people like to pour on a lover's genitals to lick off - can be acidic too.
Hedgehogs crawl into the cartons to lick off the ice cream but the non-spill lip on the lids traps their prickles.
The Asiatic black bear has learned how to hold the biscuit between her claws and lick off all the chocolate before munching the rest of it.
Caramel can hold the snack-bars between her claws and lick off the chocolate.
Though we could always invite Tam to lick off any remaining signatures - covered in custard.
AA CAT will lick off any substances that are applied to its skin so it is essential that you use something that can safely be swallowed.
A woman covering herself with body paint for her Asian lover to lick off.