lick off

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lick something off (of) something

 and lick something off
to remove something from something by licking with the tongue. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The dog licked the grease off of the floor where the meat had dropped. The dog licked off the grease.
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Sexy singer Robin Von Blitz gets his groupies to lick off his sweat.
They lick off the chocolate and leave the coconut all over the loft floor, then race through it, skid into the trap and .
But my boyfriend and I didn't know we were supposed to heat it up first, so it was very hard to lick off.
Five years ago, the prevailing philosophy of anticoagulation was for patients to "take 40 mg of aspirin and a lick off a warfarin tablet per day and don't do any monitoring," according to Dr.
They also no longer lick off the excess urine from the gland.
So essential, in fact, that Dunaway claims to have delighted in such undignified activities as wallowing in gooey pink cake cream and road-testing various preparations that the orangutan actor, Sam, would find appetizing enough to lick off her cheek.
Cats living in a smoker's home are twice as likely to develop certain types of cancer as they will lick off the cancerforming chemicals from their coats.
Hard to tell if he was more angry with the scumbags littering his path or the fact they hadn't left enough Chicken McNuggets for him to lick off the wrapper.
The most common ailments we see during this holiday are cats with burns on their paws and tails from swatting at the flickering flames and cats with horrible chemical burns on their tongues caused by lapping up essential oils from potpourri containers that spilled on their coats and they attempt to lick off," says Dr.
One course consisted of herb-scented aspic, stencilled onto a tile in the shape of a spine which diners were expected to lick off.
We visit the cows in the fields and my party trick is to sit down on the grass and see how long it takes for the cows to lick off my hat
The boys gargled sea water to stop their throats from drying out and drank what little rain water they could lick off the hull.
The government of course, is furiously trying to lick off the traces and convince us GM is yummy.
If your cat is afraid of syringes, create a positive association by placing his favorite treats, such as canned tuna, on the syringe tip for him to lick off.
After lick off washing off the facial scrub, Carmen massages her little feet with a vanilla and milk thistle paw soak.