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be a license to print money

Of an activity, business model, or company, to yield very high profits but require little or no effort to do so. Primarily heard in US. All these hefty parking fees and fines are just a license to print money for the city. These trashy gossip magazines are of such low quality, yet they always fly off the shelves. The whole racket is a license to print money.
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license to do something

permission, right, or justification to do something. You have no license to behave in that manner! Who granted you license to enter my house without knocking?
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poetic license

liberties or license of the type taken by artists, especially poets, to violate patterns of rhyme, harmony, structure, etc. I couldn't tell whether he kept making spelling mistakes or if it was just poetic license.
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*(a) right to something

 and *(the) right to something
a privilege or license to have something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I have the right to have the kind of house I want. You have a right to any house you can afford.
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be a licence to print money

  (British & Australian) also be a license to print money (American)
if a company or activity is a licence to print money, it causes people to become very rich without having to make any effort These shopping channels are just a licence to print money.
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poetic license

the way in which writers and other artists are allowed to ignore rules or change facts in their work It's obvious the writer was using a certain amount of poetic licence because the route she mentions has been closed for 50 years.
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poetic license

Also, artistic license. The liberty taken by a writer or artist in deviating from conventional form or fact to achieve an effect. For example, I've never seen grass or a tree of that color; but that's artistic license. [Late 1700s]
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2 -- color) Sheriff's deputies check drivers for valid licenses Thursday.
The prepayment, standard in industry for protection of intellectual property and trade secrets, is required only upon signing a license agreement, which occurs after a company has had an opportunity to review significant disclosure of technical information concerning Microsoft's protocol technology.
Libraries have become major buyers of access to digital information, which they acquire through licenses that bear many resemblances to those for software.
Should an individual or group of individuals disturb or break the guidelines established by the legislation, the Secretary of State would able to lift the individual's license.
Site licenses are not fixed price subscriptions that customer service personnel routinely handle.
The Department has also switched from a stamp to a card for one-day sport fishing licenses.
Additional patent holder meetings are planned, and work on the joint license will continue.
And we needed to bring license fees in line with our costs to effectively manage these public resources,'' DFG acting director Sonke Mastrup said.
Currently, retailers must buy licenses in advance, based on past sales performances.
Yet, Free Fishing Day, part of National Hunting and Fishing Week, are designed to promote fishing and buying licenses.
The Intraware SubscribeNet service (patents pending) is a Web-based delivery and support platform that enables technology companies to deliver, track and manage the software, licenses and other digital content they distribute to their customers.
Twenty-two percent of California drivers involved in fatal crashes had suspended or revoked licenses - or none at all, according an unprecedented study released Wednesday.
Two dozen DMV workers have been fired after a two-month investigation found that employees took bribes to issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens, dangerous drivers and criminals seeking false identities.
While software licensing in the past has largely been a necessary accounting tool, it is now becoming a key aspect of strategic marketing - the vendors that can package and deliver flexible versions of their software through electronic licenses will be the innovators who attract and retain customers.
On the loan level, Mavent's service reviews specific loans to ensure that the broker or lender is licensed in a particular jurisdiction, that licenses are active and in good standing, and--importantly--that the licenses authorize the brokering and creation of the subject loan type (considering terms such as APR, balance and lien position).