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be a license to print money

Of an activity, business model, or company, to yield very high profits but require little or no effort to do so. Primarily heard in US. All these hefty parking fees and fines are just a license to print money for the city. These trashy gossip magazines are of such low quality, yet they always fly off the shelves. The whole racket is a license to print money.
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license to do something

permission, right, or justification to do something. You have no license to behave in that manner! Who granted you license to enter my house without knocking?
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poetic license

liberties or license of the type taken by artists, especially poets, to violate patterns of rhyme, harmony, structure, etc. I couldn't tell whether he kept making spelling mistakes or if it was just poetic license.
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*(a) right to something

 and *(the) right to something
a privilege or license to have something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I have the right to have the kind of house I want. You have a right to any house you can afford.
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be a licence to print money

  (British & Australian) also be a license to print money (American)
if a company or activity is a licence to print money, it causes people to become very rich without having to make any effort These shopping channels are just a licence to print money.
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poetic license

the way in which writers and other artists are allowed to ignore rules or change facts in their work It's obvious the writer was using a certain amount of poetic licence because the route she mentions has been closed for 50 years.
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poetic license

Also, artistic license. The liberty taken by a writer or artist in deviating from conventional form or fact to achieve an effect. For example, I've never seen grass or a tree of that color; but that's artistic license. [Late 1700s]
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In addition to critical networking, attendees will learn about exciting new trends in cardiovascular dealmaking strategies, take back detailed information on cardiovascular companies, key licensable projects and technologies, find out how to commercialize their cardiovascular products, valuate alliances and develop a reimbursement strategy, and hear viewpoints from the top investigators in the field.
One of the most anticipated events of TA Cardio will be presentations by Windhover's Top 10 Unpartnered Licensable Cardiovascular Projects, developed by Windhover and Defined Health.
Amp believes that this commercial arrangement with Raser demonstrates the value of our licensable technologies.
Although the specific terms of the license agreement are confidential, the affiliate of Raser committed to pay royalties to Recurrent for use of the licensable technologies, and also agreed to pay for specialized engineering services.
A featured event will be presentations on the Top 10 Licensable Neuro/CNS projects.
Windhover's Top 10 Licensable Neuro/CNS Projects for 2006 is co-sponsored by NI Research/NeuroInvestment and Easton Associates.
The MIPS32 24K and 24KE core families offer performance of 660 MHz in a 90 nanometer G process, the highest frequency available in licensable 32-bit synthesizable cores for embedded markets, while minimizing design time and reducing product costs.
Attendees of this important conference will hear about exciting new trends in neuroscience dealmaking strategies; take back detailed information on neuroscience companies, key licensable projects and technologies; and find out how to commercialize their neuroscience products, valuate alliances and develop a reimbursement strategy.
The SC3000 processor family will be commercially available for licensing in October of this year when StarCore announces specifics of the individual licensable processor subsystems.
Aimed at the emerging and fast-growing WiMAX-enabled mobile device marketplace -- including handsets, notebook PCs, Ultra Mobile PCs and portable audio, video and gaming devices -- this licensable hardware and software IP solution provides semiconductor companies a significantly quicker and lower-risk entry into the WiMAX market.
This report describes Europe's leading, licensable digital music retail platform which currently accounts for about 50% of the European download market.