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a licence to print money

An activity, business model, or company that yields very high profits but requires little or no effort to do so. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. All these hefty parking fees and fines are just a licence to print money for the city. These trashy gossip magazines are of such low quality, yet they always fly off the shelves. They're all licences to print money.
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be a licence to print money

  (British & Australian) also be a license to print money (American)
if a company or activity is a licence to print money, it causes people to become very rich without having to make any effort These shopping channels are just a licence to print money.
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Delays and objections also beset the award of a third cellular licence to compete with MTN and Vodacom (50%-owned by Telkom), which had been awarded 15-year GSM 900 licences in October 1993.
Nevertheless, the minister announced that the licence would be granted to the SNO, with Communitel and Two owning 13% stakes, in September 2004.
The Company now holds three additional exploration licences for uranium exploration in the county of Norrbotten in northern Sweden.
The "A" deposit also occurs on the HRU Licences and though partially drilled, has no current defined resources.
In addition to Russia, Digimarc ID Systems is a leading supplier of secure personal identification systems worldwide, including drivers licences in the UK, Latvia, Botswana, Mexico, Costa Rica and New Zealand, as well as the leading supplier of drivers licences in the U.
More than 16 million Russians carry a driver licence produced by Opticheskaya Tekhnika y Tekhnologiya and its partner Digimarc ID Systems
In particular, it provides for automatic generation and distribution of licences over the Internet, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The Konkola West licence was acquired by Caledonia because of the near surface copper and cobalt resources discovered and quantified as resources during the 1996/7 drilling program on its Nama and Ngosa licence areas.