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a licence to print money

An activity, business model, or company that yields very high profits but requires little or no effort to do so. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. All these hefty parking fees and fines are just a licence to print money for the city. These trashy gossip magazines are of such low quality, yet they always fly off the shelves. They're all licences to print money.
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be a licence to print money

  (British & Australian) also be a license to print money (American)
if a company or activity is a licence to print money, it causes people to become very rich without having to make any effort These shopping channels are just a licence to print money.
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Nevertheless, the minister announced that the licence would be granted to the SNO, with Communitel and Two owning 13% stakes, in September 2004.
Delays and objections also beset the award of a third cellular licence to compete with MTN and Vodacom (50%-owned by Telkom), which had been awarded 15-year GSM 900 licences in October 1993.
As indicated in the NI 43-101 report relating to the HRU Licences, the Guorbavare Licence (which forms part of the HRU Licences) contains the northeasterly trending Pleutajokk "B" vein deposit which contains an estimated 470,000 tonnes of Indicated Resources, defined at 300 ppm, at an average grade of 0.
5 hectare Kvarnan Licence (which forms part of the HRU Licences) to cover possible strike extensions of the main mineralisation.
Any or all of the keys can be located on a single PC on which the Crossware Licence Server is running.
Crossware's Licence Server has many useful features.
Nasdaq:DMRC), celebrated 10 years of supplying Russia with its first international-style driver licence.
Since implementing a new driver licence issuance program in 1992, Russia has issued more than 16 million drivers licences at 1,000 locations around the country.
In particular, by outsourcing to Conxion, a software vendor can leverage Conxion's proven experience in providing reliable hosting solutions, minimising the likelihood of any unplanned interruption in licence generation or distribution capabilities.
As the clear market leader in electronic licence management and electronic licence distribution solutions for major software vendors such as Cadence, Cisco, Mentor Graphics, Autodesk, Micromuse, Sun Microsystems, and Sybase, Globetrotter is the perfect partner for us in the delivery of these services.
The Konkola West Licence is adjacent to Caledonia's Nama and Ngosa licences to the west, to the north-east is the Konkola Mining Licence area owned by Zambian Copper Investments Ltd (a 50.
The Konkola West licence was acquired by Caledonia because of the near surface copper and cobalt resources discovered and quantified as resources during the 1996/7 drilling program on its Nama and Ngosa licence areas.