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three skips of a louse

obsolete Some infinitesimal or trivial amount. Sir, I care not even three skips of a louse for the censures of a reprobate such as yourself.
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louse (someone or something) up

To ruin, spoil, mess up, or bungle someone or something. Her sudden decision to quit in the middle of the project really loused us up. I am not letting your crummy attitude louse up my vacation—if you want to be grouch, you can go somewhere else and do it alone!
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louse someone or something up

Inf. to ruin something; to mess someone or something up. You really loused me up! You got me in a real mess! Who loused up my scheme?
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louse up

Spoil, ruin, bungle. For example, The bad weather loused up our plans, or Your change of mind really loused me up. This slangy expression originated in World War I, when infestation with lice was the common lot of soldiers in the trenches; its figurative use dates from the 1930s.
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louse up

To cause something to fail because of poor handling; botch something: The president loused up the merger, costing the company millions of dollars. Let me tell the story—you always louse it up.
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n. a thoroughly repellent person, usually a male. You can be such a louse!

louse something up

tv. to botch something up. Please don’t louse the typewriter ribbon up this time.
See also: louse, something, up
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Despite the fact that those national health recommendations have been in place for more than a decade, policies allowing children with lice to stay in school remain in the minority--in large part due to a combination of ignorance and fear, adds Deborah Pontius, health services coordinator for Pershing County School District in Nevada.
It's best to check your child's head regularly for lice - an easy way to remember is Once A Week, Take A Peek.
market after establishing itself as India's leading lice eliminator, the company said.
Dr Stillman says: "Head lice aren't serious but can be distressing and do need treating.
If your child comes home with head lice and you treat the infestation but some children in the class remain untreated, the infestation will continue to spread.
Complete: Make sure you check that all lice have gone within two to three days of the final application.
The social stigma associated with head lice continues to be perceived as a major barrier to reducing its spread.
In a previous study of head and body lice from homeless persons in San Francisco, we determined that 33.
Lice (Pediculus humanus) are common and have been hitching rides on humans and our ancestors for millions of years.
Head lice can be caught by direct contact or by sharing combs, brushes and hats.
In a recent study, scientists used a genetic study of head and body lice to estimate when people started wearing clothes.
Frequent bathing and shampooing will keep you from getting head lice.
An experimental device kills head lice by blow-drying them to death, offering a potential alternative to chemical treatments and tedious combing.
When a child comes home from school with head lice and a note from the school nurse, parents usually experience a variety of emotions.
Research has revealed that wet combing is up to four times more effective than chemical treatments for head lice.