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lex dubia non obligat

A Latin phrase that frees one from a contract or other legal obligation that is not morally sound. In English, the phrase means "a dubious law is not binding." As your lawyer, I think we should absolutely take them to court—the terms of this contract are unethical. Lex dubia non obligat!
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n. a Lexus automobile. This dude’s Lex ain’t no ghetto sled.
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There's no doubt in my mind that our lawyers will become power users of this service as quickly as they became power users of Lex Machina's district court tools.
Residents of 325 LEX benefit from a 24-hour doorman and onsite resident manager, an innovative fitness center designed by The Wright Fit, and a furnished roof deck featuring a gas barbeque.
The LEX L10 will support commercial carrier 3G/4G LTE (Band 13 and Band 4) and public safety LTE (Band 14), ensuring optimal coverage and performance at all times.
The Web site notes, he will collaborate with Lex Luthor's bodyguard Mercy Graves and plan an assassination in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.
The Lex is a 649-bedroom, premier student housing community serving the students of the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky.
The Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation connected First Book with lawyers from Steptoe & Johnson, who "did analysis of the various elements of the loan document, and really protected First Book tremendously," says Jane Robinson, First Book's CFO.
It's a good draw at Connah's Quay, but unless we play better than we did at Lex we'll be up against it.
When I got a call from Lex to invite me in the back door he said he didn't think it was my cup of tea - which is a strange comment.
IF there's a gene for acting then Lex Shrapnel has certainly inherited a lot of family talent.
Lex Vehicle Leasing, which conducted research, says: "With road safety and duty of care remaining a core political objective, fleet managers have an added incentive to take the transport of pets seriously.
Lex warns that an unrestrained Border collie weighing 50lb would be hurled forward with the force of nine men weighing 12 stone each in a 30mph accident.
a biopharmaceutical company developing cancer therapeutics, have formed a collaboration under which Biolex will use its LEX System(TM) for protein expression to create a commercial line for Kringle's NK4 protein.
a leading biopharmaceutical company, to manufacture selected proteins using the Biolex LEX System(TM).
But now Lex is dead, and part of Marina has died with him.