level with

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level with (one)

To be honest with one, especially after having been deceitful or not completely truthful or forthcoming. I'm going to level with you, OK? I'm not who you think I am. Jesse, you need to level with us so we can help you. We're on your side, but you need to tell us the truth.
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level with someone (about someone or something)

Fig. to be straightforward with someone about something; to be sincere or truthful about someone or something. The police encouraged the criminal to level with them about the crime. Level with me, and tell me what you thought of my cake.
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Plexus will support Next Level with its "product realization" model, which supports customers in taking products from initial engineering and thorough testing, through volume manufacture and delivery.
The Board's solicitation/recommendation statement will advise stockholders of: (1) whether Next Level recommends acceptance or rejection of Motorola's tender offer; expresses no opinion and remains neutral toward such tender offer; or is unable to take a position with respect to such tender offer; and (2) the reason(s) for the position taken by Next Level with respect to the tender offer.
Stockholders may obtain a free copy of the solicitation/recommendation statement, which will be filed by Next Level with the Securities and Exchange Commission, at the SEC's Web site at www.
As part of the agreement, Conexant will supply Next Level with interactive set-top box chips, enabling enhanced features such as streaming video, high-end gaming, voice and Internet access services to Next Level's customers.