level down

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level something down

to make something level or smooth. The soil is very uneven in this part of the garden. Would you please level it down? The huge earth-moving machines leveled the hill down in preparation for the building of the highway.
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From the river level being bank high, it takes just a couple of weeks without rain to bring the level down to a trickle.
Possible thunderstorms, a snow level down to 3,000 feet and winds of 20 to 30 mph, with stronger gusts, were predicted for today, though forecasters advised that an uncertain storm track could keep the heaviest rainfall in central California.
The next level down is the principles that drive that.
Rates are now at their lowest level since January 1964 after the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) took the level down to 4.
In January there were 44,100 people claiming Jobseekers Allowance, 700 fewer than the previous month - bringing the level down to 5.
If you use a plunger in one to push the level down, the level in the other goes up.
At the age of nineteen, a car wreck left him paralyzed from mid-chest level down.
He added that these companies rely on clearly defined decision rights from the executive level down to day-to-day users of the service.
We have to bring the chloride level down, and we have to take action very quickly,'' Heil said.
The 25-year-old from Kirkcaldy has already made his mark in Japan by competing in the Formula Nippon series, just one level down from Formula One.
Fife-born Dumbreck races in the Formula Nippon series in Japan, one level down from F1.