level down

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level something down

to make something level or smooth. The soil is very uneven in this part of the garden. Would you please level it down? The huge earth-moving machines leveled the hill down in preparation for the building of the highway.
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The next level down, backers who have raised $100,000, are called "Pioneers.
Each grade is given a point score from 120 points for an A grade at A- level down to 20 for an E-grade at AS level.
He must keep his shoulders parallel to the LOS, feet moving, and pad level down.
By taking the link from the physiological level down to the molecular mechanism itself, Turek's experiment goes a step further, Pack says.
This minimizes my fatigue and keeps my stress level down so I can enjoy eating with friends and other activities.
On the next level down, raised beds between gravel paths brim with summer annuals for cutting, as well as with berries and an assortment of vegetables.
Additionally, government funding programs, from the federal level down to local agencies, increasingly recognize the critical nature of infrastructure issues and are providing more funding to address them.
Ministers are pondering the situation, but the TUC fears they will simply level down to the rates paid out to younger workers.
From the river level being bank high, it takes just a couple of weeks without rain to bring the level down to a trickle.
Possible thunderstorms, a snow level down to 3,000 feet and winds of 20 to 30 mph, with stronger gusts, were predicted for today, though forecasters advised that an uncertain storm track could keep the heaviest rainfall in central California.
The next level down is the principles that drive that.