level best

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someone's level best

one's very best effort. I will do my level best to find your husband. Don't go to a whole lot of trouble. Your level best is good enough.
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level best

see under do one's best.
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level best

n. one’s very best effort. I will do my level best to find your husband.
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(one's) level best

The best one can do in an earnest attempt: I did my level best in math class.
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LEVEL BEST Amanda Burton is back with a new thriller
Just go out there and fight and try to do your level best," she said.
Level Best was withdrawn, but Quality Mark was led back to the start, took his chance and finished second.
The team of Bank Alfalah is trying their level best to service the customers in top priority: Sirajuddin, CEO Bank Alfalah
McCarty is the author of one of 25 stories in the book "Thin Ice," published by Level Best Books.
I got hurt, but I tried my level best to be in the competition," Mink said.
We learnt that she met the couple in the show and tried to play a mediator doing her level best to sort out their problems.
Not content in trying to bankrupt the country, this government is doing its level best to bankrupt the rest of us.
Family Game Night Volume 2: (Wii) THE Wii is widely regarded as THE family console and quite rightly the games companies do their level best to deliver games that fit the bill.
But boss Rafael Benitez did his level best to straight-bat probing questions.
In the new book, a penguin does its level best to become friends with Boynton's familiar hippo, doing just about everything imaginable to melt the giant mammal's heart.
From the hippie communes that managed to maintain class distinctions while dressing indistinguishably from one another to the Primal Therapy we're-the-only-sane-ones cabals in Marin County, an awful lot of white folks were doing our level best to create physical and psychic distance from mainstream America.
For fluoro-elastomers and halobutyl rubber, the company is said to provide customers with the flexibility to choose the MgO with the activity level best suited for optimal cure rates.
For several decades, Sweden's socialist social engineers have done their level best to demolish the patriarchal family, creating in its stead a thoroughly feminized womb-to-tomb social welfare state.
LSMFT Lucky Strike means Fine Tobacco That helps you feel your level best.