let slide

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let somebody/something slide

to not do anything about someone or something She misbehaved a bit when she got here, and I let her slide because she was in a strange city. It's easy to let exercise slide when you feel bad, but that's when you need it the most.
Usage notes: often used in the form let it slide: Kids don't like practicing because of the repetition, and some coaches tend to let it slide.
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Lawyers say they are now more likely to file suit over small fees they might have let slide in a better market, when the next deal was always around the corner.
But on the flip side, both dudes were writing from prison, and I know from experience some prisons are shittier than others about reading material they'll let slide to their inmates.
The impact of globalization is, in the coming years, going to be huge on our economy and our work environment and that our awareness of other cultures is something we can't let slide as educators," Goodvin says.
WITH OUR CURRENT ECONOMY, belts are tight, employee turnover is low, and some employers have let slide their efforts to boost employee morale.
However, last week, Sun unveiled its new improved application server, a product Sun had previously let slide.
By posting these reminders on the most-frequented place in our home (the refrigerator), she holds our feet to the fire on things agreed to be too important to let slide in the chaos of our daily lives.
For its part, Conair, which acquired Interplak last fall, has plans to rein- vigorate the company that former parent Bausch & Lomb effectively let slide, according to officials at Conair.