let by

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let someone (get) by

 and let someone pass by
to permit someone to pass. Please let me get by. I am in a hurry. Let the paramedics by, please.
See also: let
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In hindsight maybe it's a job that I should let pass by.
I'm 30 years of age and it was way too good an opportunity to let pass by.
RANGERS LEGENDS 1 AC MILAN GLORIE 0 IF this was Ally McCoist's last chance to beat European opposition at Ibrox for a while then it was an opportunity he wasn't going to let pass by.
Your goals and ambitions are never that far from your mind, and today a great opportunity can come up that you must not let pass by.
This was something I couldn t let pass by," he said during his official presentation.
ANOTHER opportunity the country and its leaders cannot afford to let pass by will arise today at the dementia research summit in London.
This last week, it dawned on me that a mission is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and something you can't just let pass by.
nl: "After all these years I leave here with pain in my heart but this is a challenge I cannot let pass by.
Healy explained to the AMTDA board that the NAIFA post to which he was recruited was an opportunity he could not let pass by and that he would be available after his move for any transition consultations.
The opportunity to become involved with the society at this key time was something I could not let pass by.
But Jersey City will always be a more appealing location for some users, and we have focused on building a portfolio of the premier locations for that audience we didn't expect to be acquiring property to do it, but this was an opportunity that we could not let pass by.
It is a massive step up in class for me but it's an opportunity that I could not let pass by.
Not a sunrise or sunset to miss, not a flower garden or a beautiful blue sky to let pass by, not a crowded street scene ignored for this little girl to burn into her mind's eye for future reference.
We must not let pass by the best chance for many years for real peace.
Adamson brings to the table were too much to let pass by," commented GPS Industries President and CEO Robert Silzer, Sr.