let pass

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let something pass

Fig. to let something go unnoticed or unchallenged. Bob let Bill's insult pass because he didn't want to argue. Don't worry, I'll let this little incident pass.
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I'm 30 years of age and it was way too good an opportunity to let pass by.
Any responsible leader knows he can't let pass up a possibility like this to end the conflict," Santos said of the latest thaw between the two sides.
Here was an audience of 33,000 people in a celebratory mood, and the first lady let pass an opportunity to make a case for keeping her husband in the White House.
The indecent and obscene nature of this move is clear to everyone, but misusing the name of student is something we cannot easily let pass.
I have had a fantastic time here, but I just felt this was too good an opportunity to let pass.
country in the world shall let pass unnoticed the vulnerability of its cities
This was something I couldn t let pass by," he said during his official presentation.
I am absolutely convinced that the incorporation of Mourinho, who is one of the best coaches in the world - if not the best - is an opportunity that, in this Madrid, which fights permanently for excellence, we couldn't let pass us by.
Germany is furious that Greece has been able to borrow for years at rates close to German rates by virtue of being in the euro zone, but on mis-stated data which EU authorities let pass.
To look clear-eyed at climate change and multiple other environmental crises--global poverty and increasing inequality, militarism, capitalism's domination of-the economy, and the increasing failure of democracy to reflect our deepest values--and still offer not only hope but also possibilities for transformation is a gift we must not let pass.
The European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza has published a declaration in which is states that their hope is for the Egyptian authorities to let pass the convoy through the Rafah boarder crossing underlining that "until now, the convoy has not faced any obstacles in Egypt.
And, hearing that Wedgwood, along with Waterford, was to go into administration, I could not let pass the opportunity to tell you a little about both companies.
nl: "After all these years I leave here with pain in my heart but this is a challenge I cannot let pass by.
Tourism Australia managing director Geoff Buckley said the unique opportunity created by the production of Luhrmann's epic film Australia was one the organisation could not let pass.
For its part, Iran finds its nuclear file frozen in practice on the Security Council's agenda, when this period should have been dedicated to preparing a new resolution to reinforce penalties against Tehran, after it had let pass the last chance given it to reply to the offer of incentives.