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So I sincerely hope he takes us up on this opportunity to let one rip and become a part of Apple history
So, the next time you let one rip in company, just smile politely and say you were anaerobically digesting.
Once you decide he is worth the shot, you move the 300-yard dot to his kill zone and let one rip.
On the winning goal, Callahan just let one rip that Sabourin got a piece of, but could not stop.
If you let one rip blame it on dog poo that must have got stuck on someone's shoe.
Just before the ten-minute mark, Luke Fulghum took a quick shot to make it 3-0, and by the time Adam Calder let one rip from the circle, it was game over for Stingrays netminder Tommy Sandahl.
Tony laughed: "We were all looking shocked that he was dead and he let one rip.
Your new companion then proceeds to let one rip and you can just tell it's going to be unbearable.
Particularly, of course, if you're sitting in a busy doctor's surgery and you suddenly let one rip.