let fly

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let fly (with) something

also let something fly
1. to throw something or shoot something from a weapon Police officers let fly canisters of tear gas. The guy in the leather jacket was leaping over the counter when I let fly with a soda bottle.
2. to express yourself in a way that will excite or anger others If you disagree with the officials, it's bad form to let fly with four-letter words. When she got together with her friends, they would let fly all their innermost secrets.
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let fly (something)

to start shouting angrily (sometimes + at ) I was so angry I let fly at them as soon as they came in. Gripping the arms of his chair, he let fly a barrage of offensive comments.
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let fly

Discharge a missile or fire a weapon; also, attack verbally. For example, He let fly a rotten egg at the speaker, or They let fly some insults laced with four-letter words. The first usage dates from about a.d. 1000, the second from the late 1500s.
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let fly

1. To shoot, hurl, or release: The troops let fly a volley of gunfire.
2. To lash out; assault: The mayor let fly with an angry attack on her critics.
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On the football field a goal I will always remember was at Wrexham in a League Cup replay in 1970 when he got the ball just inside their half, slipped around a couple of defenders and then let fly from around 30 yards with his trusty left foot with the ball nestling sweetly in the back of the net.
They took the lead after half an hour when former Manchester United starlet Michael Twiss put them ahead when he let fly from 20 yards.
Midmorning, two engines from the Los Angeles Fire Department ``crash crew'' at VNY -- the FAA designator for the airport -- stopped before the tower to let fly honorary streams of firefighting foam.
Zvonimir Vukic had equalised before a dreadful mix-up between Davis and Alan Stubbs gifted Taylor the simplest of chances to poke home and worse was to come when Taylor let fly for the third.
That always puts goalkeepers in two minds - they never know when someone will suddenly let fly or when they will instead try and find the killer through ball for a team-mate.
Defenceman Robin Delacour let fly, Hay got behind the puck with a leg pad and Beveridge pounced to shoot first-time between the grounded goalie and his near post.
When he was asked to move, he let fly a torrent of abuse.
Forster doubled the score in the 40th minute when he latched on to a long, hopeful ball and let fly with a sensational shot.
Despite this loss the visitors went ahead 13 minutes into the second period when Mark Duckett broke into the penalty area and let fly a tremendous left-foot shot which beat Phil Priestley.
Without hesitation, I pulled back and let fly my first arrow at an African animal.
YOUNG actors from a Rugby school will let fly with splurge guns and pies when they take the stage as gangsters and molls.
Artur Krysiak saved well from Steve Fletcher but the Burton goalkeeper could do nothing about the winner four minutes from time as Pitman let fly from fully 30 yards with an unstoppable effort.
Just before the interval Town midfielder Liam Trotter let fly from 25 yards and was just inches wide.
Razov, from the middle of the penalty area, let fly with a blistering, 10-yard, one-timer that Galaxy goalkeeper Kevin Hartman had no chance of stopping.
Neville let fly with a verbal attack after his wild celebrations at Rio Ferdinand's late winner against Liverpool at Old Trafford landed him with a pounds 5,000 fine and a warning about his future conduct from the FA yesterday.