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choose the lesser of two evils

To pick the less offensive of two undesirable options. I wasn't excited about going to a seminar all weekend, but I also didn't want to lose my license, so I chose the lesser of two evils and spent the weekend learning about new regulations in our field. Do you really want to get a demerit for not having your blazer? Just choose the lesser of two evils and tell the teacher you forgot it—maybe she'll take pity on you!
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lesser (of the two)

the smaller one (of two); the one having the lesser amount. The last two pieces of pie were not quite the same size, and I chose the lesser of the two. Faced with a basket containing too much and one with too little, Tom chose the lesser.

lesser of two evils

the less bad thing of a pair of bad things. I didn't like either politician, so I voted for the lesser of two evils. Given the options of going out with someone I don't like and staying home and watching a boring television program, I chose the lesser of the two evils and watched television.
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the lesser of two evils

the less unpleasant of two choices, neither of which are good Sometimes I don't like either of the candidates, so I just try to choose the lesser of the two evils.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form a lesser evil: I don't like her, I just think of her as the lesser evil.
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the lesser of two evils

  also a lesser evil
the less unpleasant of two choices, neither of which are good I suppose I regard the Democratic candidate as the lesser of two evils.
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lesser of two evils

The somewhat less unpleasant of two poor choices. For example, I'd rather stay home and miss the picnic altogether than run into those nasty people-it's the lesser of two evils . This expression was already a proverb in ancient Greek and appeared in English by the late 1300s. Chaucer used it in Troilus and Cressida.
See also: evil, lesser, of, two
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1] (thiamine), C (ascorbic acid), and E ([alpha]-tocopherol); and trace elements copper, selenium, and zinc for greater flamingos (Phoeniconaias [Phoenieopterus] rubeus) and lesser flamingos (Phoeniconaias minor).
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