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Schoolgirls were informed about techniques to avoid or lessen loss to life and property in case of emergencies.
The ACCC takes the view that the proposed merger of these two large and close competitors will lessen competition, but because they chose to apply to the Tribunal, the ACCC never reached a conclusion as to whether or not the lessening would amount to a substantial lessening of competition, Mr Sims said.
Taking up yoga to stretch your stiff back and doing pilates to increase your core strength will go a long way to lessen your pain.
They need a face mask to lessen the damage of the dust; caps to lessen the sun's heat and safety glasses to prevent their eyes swelling with particulate matter.
On World Hepatitis Day, the Department of Health (DOH) urged new mothers and pregnant women to have their infants vaccinated against hepatitis B from birth to lessen the risk of infection.
Global Banking News-March 10, 2016--China to use equity swaps to lessen commercial banks' burden
The results of the study can lessen release of the poisonous gas steams in the environment and prevents many diseases.
Now, I know that cars are designed to lessen the impact on pedestrians by having smooth plastic bumpers etc.
Councillor Keith Reynolds, the leader of the council, said the 10-member-strong cabinet would be "more than happy" to make a contribution if it helped lessen the bite of impending cuts.
Although efforts to ban heading would lessen the incidence of concussions, finding ways to lessen player-to-player collisions could have a greater impact.
Summary: In response to the water crisis, Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb is urging officials to coordinate efforts and use all available resources to lessen the harmful effects on farmers and the agricultural industry in Lebanon.
This will lessen the risk of infection, which can increase scarring.
One of which is working to lessen time to recover from power cuts.
What seems clear to me is that not having the cunning to lessen my tax burden like Google, Amazon and Starbucks, or the financial clout of a multi-millionaire Iranian refugee who successfully sued his accountants for failing to help him avoid paying PS850,000 in tax, then I'm stuck with the creaking administration that is HMRC.
It argued that this would make the system safer and lessen the chances of the taxpayer having to pump funds into banks in the future by ensuring that no bank is "too big to fail" or "too big to bail (out)".