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The RMDAS North Midwest region (which includes mills in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and northwestern Indiana), showed the steepest decline, with mills there paying $26 per ton less for Prompt Industrial grades, $17 per ton less for shredded scrap and $12 per less for No.
Does reading less literature--fiction, preferably read leisurely--mean Americans, and African Americans particularly, are reading less?
Joyce truly exemplifies Food 4 Less's high standards of courtesy, friendliness, service and professionalism in our stores,'' said Dave Hirz, president of Food 4 Less stores.
Although some apologists argue that could care less is meant to be sarcastic and not to be taken literally, a more plausible explanation is that the -n't of couldn't has been rubbed out in sloppy speech and sloppy writing.
Very-low-birth-weight individuals had significantly less educated mothers than controls: When the children were eight, 17% of the mothers of very-low-birth-weight individuals had not graduated from high school, compared with 11% of those of controls.
Susanne Sonik, Director of the Section for Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation, American Hospital Association) Two less regulations, and a patient-first philosophy.
This special rule generally does not apply if, immediately before the loss corporation's ownership change, the beneficial owner owns less than $100,000 of the loss corporation's indebtedness or, in the case of widely held indebtedness, the beneficial owner owns less than 5% of the class.
To be eligible for reduced-price school meals, single-earner households must have income under $15,448 and dual income families must earn less than $20,813 a year.
The fattiest line of granola bars now has less fat than it used to.
Not less - 15 Rear shock absorber replacement (pcs.
Would each of the following statements make you MORE LIKELY or LESS LIKELY to support this ENLARGED City Council:
have stricter limits for foods with serving sizes less than two tablespoons.