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James McQuivey, an assistant professor at Boston University and author of a study of children's reading habits, says the popularity of electronic games does not necessarily mean that they were reading less.
color) ``I love my customers,'' Joyce Boyd says after being named Cashier of the Year by Food 4 Less.
Price 2 Days Ago less than or equal to Price 3 Days Ago (Recent-2D less than or equal to Recent-3D)
True, it has less fat than the 27 grams in an equal-size portion of cooked bacon.
That's not quite low enough--7 or 8 percent would be better--but because of the way saturated fat numbers are rounded on the label, it doesn't pay to look for less.
Such statements include, but are not limited to, the effectiveness and safety of Less Lethal 500 round for airline and public transportation, the acceptance of the new cartridge by the law enforcement and military community and future potential sales as a result of the new cartridge.
Taylor's & Company has indicated that it holds in good standing the necessary FLL license to import and distribute firearms in the United States and will be applying for additional licenses needed for the full range of marketing opportunities it will pursue with the Lamperd Less Lethal system.
37% of online bankers use their online banking password at other, less secure sites - these sites are typically less protected and this poses a security risk for banks.
The dispersion value in the 1,285-1,310 nm wavelength range has been improved from less than or equal to 3.
Final result: Logic's Card Engine provided ISI with an off-the-shelf solution, helping bring a superior product to market faster, at less cost, with less risk and more innovation.
However, given the global downturn in the semiconductor industry, a relatively small decline indicates that EDA remains essential to getting new products to market, and is generally less susceptible to overall industry volatility.
Biometric Access Corporation (BAC), a leading provider of biometric identity verification solutions, today announced that Food 4 Less is the latest retailer to introduce BAC's SecureTouch-n-Pay(tm) system for secure customer check cashing services.